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LAMBDA™ 265 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

LAMBDA™ 265 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

Product advantages:

  • Fast acquisition speed, 190-1100nm spectral data acquisition within seconds
  • Power on self check with easy Pass/Fail notification
  • Worry-free light source
  • Cost-effective

Product Details

With maximum reliability, LAMBDA 265 is ideal for conducting routine analysis. Affordable PDA detector provides extreme fast detection. You can get full wavelength scan spectrum within a few seconds. High energy source is active only under spectrum acquisition, provides years of worry free operation and low cost of ownership. The system's easy-to-use software and compact size make it easy for scientists to make it to any location and get instant results.
This system can accommodate a wide range of accessories for various sample challenges, single cell holder, variable pathlength cell holder, film holder, etc. It can also equip with sipper and autosampler for high throughput analysis.
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