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  • Heidolph

    Distributor for Heidolph in Hong Kong
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  • Retsch

    The company was founded in 1915 by F. Kurt Retsch. A few years later he registered his first patent in grinding technology: a mortar grinder that became famous worldwide as the “RETSCH Mill”.
    This innovation replaced tiresome manual grinding with hand mortars which was the standard in laboratories at the time and earned RETSCH an excellent reputation in the international science and research community. Today RETSCH is the leading solution provider for size reduction and particle sizing technology. RETSCH’s philosophy is based on customer orientation and leading edge technology. 
    Hong Kong Labware is the only authorized distributor for Retsch in Hong Kong and Macau
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  • Hermle

    Since 1956 HERMLE centrifuges are being sold to all parts of the world.
    Each unit stands for efficiency, versatility and easy handling. In the meantime our centrifuges are welcome in the fields of medicine, research and industry. A wide range of rotors is available for the different models. All centrifuges are equipped with a microprocessor and a maintenance-free direct current motor. The refrigeration system is of course CFC-free.
    Hong Kong Labware is sole distributor for Hermle in Hong Kong and Macau
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  • Carbolite

    The CARBOLITE GERO brand is synonymous with high quality, leading heat technology in the design and manufacture of laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces ranging from 30 °C to 3000 °C and sold globally to over 100 countries.
    In addition to the wide range of standard products, CARBOLITE GERO is an expert in the development of customized equipment for complex heat treatment processes. Solving customers’ individual application requirements has given Carbolite Gero an important place in aerospace, engineering, materials science, medical, bioscience and contract testing laboratories globally to name a few.
    Not only can CARBOLITE GERO supply products with Standards-compliant furnace and oven designs (eg, Nadcap heat treatment processes (AMS2750E)), but also fully traceable certification for control, measurement, recording and data acquisition devices, issued by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.
    Hong Kong Labware is the only authorized distributor for Carbolite Gero in Hong Kong and Macau
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  • Tuttnauer

    Tuttnauer is an autoclave manufacturer, plasma sterilizer manufacturer and provider of washer disinfectors and other infection control products in the Healthcare and Life Science industries. For over 90 years Tuttnauer has been an industry leader satisfying customer expectations with top quality, high performance products and a dedicated service support team. Tuttnauer's sterilization & infection control products are trusted at over 350 000 installations worldwide including Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Production and Research Institutes. Hong Kong Labware is sole distributor for Tuttnauer Laboratory line in HK and Macau.
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  • Molecular Device

    Molecular device is a US company provide customers with innovative bioanalytical solutions for protein and cell biology in life science research, pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic development. Mainly for microplate reader range.
    With over 140,000 placements in laboratories around the world, thieir instruments have contributed to remarkable scientific research described in over 150,000 peer reviewed publications. Included within a broad product portfolio are platforms for high-throughput screening, genomic and cellular analysis, colony selection and microplate detection. 
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  • Grant

    Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd  is a world renowned supplier and manufacturer of scientific, life sciences and data acquisition products. The company has been designing, manufacturing and distributing scientific products for over 60 years and has established a worldwide reputation for high quality, reliable and robust systems designed to satisfy the most demanding applications for research in life sciences, chemical and the general laboratory. For more information, please visit

  • Esco

    Esco Group is a renowned Singapore-based life science company. The proudest accomplishment is the complete range of controlled environment equipment solutions which includes Biological Safety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, General Purpose Ovens and Incubators, CO2 Incubators, and ULT Freezers. For more information, please visit

  • Gerhardt

    C.Gerhardt is  one of the world’s leading suppliers of laboratory equipment and analytical systems for food and feedstuffs. We supply industry sectors that place high demands on accuracy and reliability and for whom long-lasting partnerships, flexibility, and continuous attention to service are essential requirements. That’s what we have stood for since 1846 and that’s what we are known for.
    C.Gerhardt is the expertise in automation. Our product includes Digestion, Steam distillation, Combustion analysis, Solid-liquid extraction, Hydrolysis, Fibre analysis, Special digestions, Shaking, Heating.
    Hong Kong Labware is the sole distributor for C.Gerhardt in Hong Kong and Macau
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  • Kern

    Mechanikus Gottlieb KERN founded his company in 1844 and manufactured the most accurate balances of its time. His business became the core cell of the internationally famous, southern German precision balance manufacturing.
    Over 170 years of experience and the devotion to quality has enabled us to become specialists in the weighing field with the KERN brand standing for precision and reliability. KERN is DIN ISO 9001:2008 accredited and globally active.
    Discover the KERN route to success: fast - competent - reliable - versatile!
    Hong Kong Labware is the authorized distributor for Kern in Hong Kong and Macau
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  • Tip Biosystem

    Tip Biosystems is serving a photometer device market of more than US$ 1 billion. The major product Photopette® provides all the capabilities needed for the life sciences, environmental surveillance, diagnostics, pharmaceutical and chemical as well as food & beverages industry.
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  • Eyela

    EYELA is firmly committed to contributing to the world of tomorrow by developing innovative scientific technology and products which are to be linked to the future world of science.
    Scientific research and development in modern technology has always been the field EYELA is active. By supplying R&D supporting tools, EYELA contributes to creating a sustainable and reliable society.
    EYELA’s well-known products include: Rotary Evaporator, Aspirator, Chiller, Freeze Dryer, Organic Synthesizer etc.
    Hong Kong Labware is the sole distributor for EYELA in Hong Kong and Macau
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  • Kold Systems

    Erbschaft--Inherit from the technology in Europe, we are also exploring new technology and product all around the world.
    Kold Systems is keep on moving forward to enhance different storage and temperature control system for laboratory.

  • Miele

    Miele Professional - the guarantee for perfection and dependability. Miele commercial machines are innovation leaders, standing for optimum cleaning results and offering durable and user-friendly solutions. In close collaboration with users, engineers, test institutes and various committees and international working groups Miele has succeeded time and time again in providing meaningful, high-quality solutions to entire branches of industry.
    Hong Kong Labware is the sole distributor for Miele Professional in Hong Kong and Macau Laboratories industry.

  • Jeiotech

    Jeiotech, Korea provides instruments in the field of biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacology, and so forth.
    Product range from:
    Mixer, shaker, rotator
    Incubator, oven
    Temperature chambers
    to other general benchtop lab equipment. 

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  • Millipore

    Hong Kong Labware is distributor of Merck Millipore Water Purification System in Hong Kong and Macau
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  • Welch

    Welch is a leading pump manufacturer of high-quality, durable vacuum products. Our extensive portfolio includes diaphragm pumps, rotary vane pumps, piston pumps and turbomolecular pumps and systems, in addition to a wide range of accessories.
    As a global leader in vacuum technology, we are renowned for our solution-oriented vacuum expertise. Serving numerous laboratories and equipment manufacturers around the world, we add value to our customers’ businesses through unique end-use solutions and innovative OEM products. In addition to our state-of-the-art product portfolio, our customers and business partners benefit from our exceptional service, valuable training programs, and fast, experienced technical support.Our commitment to developing new technologies, engaging highly qualified specialists, and extensive testing in our in-house laboratories ensure that we meet all our customers’ requirements – both now and in the future.
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  • Statebourne

    Since its formation in 1969 Statebourne, UK has been continually focused on providing products of the highest value to its customers. Statebourne is very forefront of cryobiological research. and provides LN2 storage product ranges.
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  • Rocker

    Rocker Scientific provides good quality Colony Counter,Lab Burner,Refractometer,Electric sterilizer,Vacuum Pump,Rotary vane vacuum pump,Biosuction,Vacuum Filtration,COD Reactor,HP 106,CWC 100,Dry Bath,Ultrasonic cleaner,Dry Cabinet,Water Testing products.
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  • Major Science

    With more than 20 years of experiences, the leading lab instrument manufacturer, Major Science, manufacture and design series of lab equipment such as fermentation bioreactorpower supplydigital peristaltic pump and related accessories. Major Science provides laboratory products and quality services to biotechnology companies, academic institutions and government research labs across the world. As a professional lab equipment manufacturer, Major Science is consistently delivering cutting-edge instruments for the bio-industry that cover nearly all of your laboratory needs. Please visit for more information

  • IUL

    IUL,S.A. started business activities in 1987. Its goal and reason of being is to provide an easier, more comfortable, safe and reliable microbiological control for the industry, by providing the design and manufacturing of instrumentation for such purpose.
    Its major product range offer:

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  • Vilber

    Vilber Lourmat is the prominent provider of gel documentation and chemiluminescence systems, analysis software, UV technology and UV instruments in Europe. In the almost 60 years since the establishment.The first microprocessor-controlled crosslinker, the first 'stand-alone' gel documentation system, the first specialised chemi-luminescence imager or the Super-Bright illumination technology as successors of conventional UV transilluminators for gel imaging are examples from the past. Please visit for more information.

  • Eutech

    Eutech Instruments is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, which is a leading ISO9001-certified company established in 1990.
    Eutech's offer a comprehensive range of laboratory and field instruments for electrochemical and photometric water analysis. Eutech also manufactures continuous on-line process instruments for the monitoring and control of pH, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Redox Potential (ORP), Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and other water quality parameters.Eutech products range from compact pocket testers and handheld meters to research-grade benchtop meters and industrial process controllers.
    Hong Kong Labware is the authorized distributor for Eutech instrument in Hong Kong and Macau
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  • Hirschmann

    Products from Hirschmann have been used in laboratories for 50 years in over 100 countries around the world. Our laboratory instruments, volumetric analysis glass instruments and precision capillaries are more than just sophisticated high-quality tools for laboratory specialists. They can be individually adapted to suit user requirements.
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